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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

W '04 no more

I've conducted a little non-scientific poll this past week. Driving home from work last Wednesday, I had three cars in a row pass me with Obama campaign bumper stickers on them. It made me think first, Colorado is being overrun by Liberals and second, where can I move to get away from them?

Then I thought "I wonder how many Obama stickers are on the road vs. John McCain stickers?" So, for the past week I've been counting bumper stickers and you might be surprised.

(I drive the I-25 corridor every day (100 miles round trip). I'm not sure the volume of traffic, but it must be in the billions.)

Obama: 4
McCain: 0

There weren't nearly as many bumper stickers out there that I thought there would be. Nothing like the good old days of Bush/Cheney and Kerry/Edwards (I still see these on the road 4 years later).

Now I did see three pro McCain stickers. One said something like "My special needs child supports McCain/Palin", another said Obama Sucks '08 (my favorite), and another had a whole window tinted with a McCain/Palin sign. But there were no campaign bumper stickers.

So is America really not into either candidate this year and will just vote for the "lesser of two evils", or not vote at all? Is it just a case of hard economic times and people don't want to spend the money? Have we become more materialistic and don't want to damage our precious hybrid? Will the extra weight of the sticker decrease our gas mileage? Is this just restricted to Colorado?

Any thoughts out there?

Even if we don't show it on our rear bumpers, we need to be aware of where each candidate stands on the issues and be sure we exercise our right to vote on November 4th. (Except for you Libs, voting is on November 5th.)

Tune in next week when I count campaign yard signs.



ryro16 said...

As a fellow commuter who drives north to Ft. Collins each day, I have noticed a very troubling trend: almost no McCain bumper stickers and it seems almost every car with a bHo sticker. Not good for the GOP up north. I have also realized two other things: bHo stickers are factory installed on all Subaru models and I feel lonely driving my car with my "Dad for McCain" sticker.

Anonymous said...

I loved you comments on Halloween - you crack me up! Good laughs for sure.

It is a sad day for this country. Today was not "Country First" but rather "me first". It's all about bHo (i like that). I fear for this country and I'm very glad I got out of the military in Sept.

DJ and Jynelle - we miss you guys in WA but you don't want to come here - it's very blue (with gray skies). I love reading your blog and seeing what you guys are doing. You've done a great job on it and have a wonderful family. Hope to see you guys again someday. God bless

Jim R.