What is being said....

"I need dessert for my blood sugar."

Mallory, 7 yrs.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Vacuuming Postscript...

Well, after posting my little blog there on Hatcher & his vacuuming-obsession, I realized I forgot to include what it was that inspired that little story in the first place.

Now, I have a bad habit of using the word "suck" to describe anything, that well, sucks. You never realize how you sound until your own words are coming out of your children's mouths. I have also been known to use the phrase, "butt-crack of dawn" when having to get up early, but that is another issue altogether (no, I am NOT a morning person).

Anyway, a few weeks ago we had to send our vacuum away for a week for maintenance. I'm not sure any of these guys realize how long a week is without a vacuum. So what did I do? I borrowed one from my Mom (yes, she has more than one.) Hatcher asked if he could vacuum & was very sad when he realized he had to use Ohmi's vacuum & kept asking when ours was going to be back. After trying to use this substitute vacuum & getting very frustrated with it, Hatcher asked if he could call my Mom, otherwise known as Ohmi.

"Hi Ohmi," he says when she answers the phone, "Your vacuum sucks!"

I didn't know whether to laugh or be appalled at him using that word!!! I, of course, laughed. He then proceeded to make arrangements with Ohmi to bring over her white vacuum that he apparently has had much experience with on visits to her house....Papa brought it over a couple hours later & he was happy again & back to vacuuming the house. The day our own vacuum came back from the shop was a celebration in HatcherLand!!! See, don't you just wish he was yours?!


Friday, February 20, 2009

When calling your children...

Sometimes in our house, it is necessary for me to call for one of the children from a different part of the house than they are in. When I call for Bergen, the response I usually get is, "Just one minute." That of course, usually means more like 5 minutes, until I have to call him again. When I call for Mallory, I hear in a very sweet, girl voice, "Coming, Mom!", as she does a ballerina spin into the room I am in. When I call for Melissa, she stands there staring at me, trying to decide if she's going to come to me or not & more than not, she decides to make it a game & run the other way instead. It's cute, the first time......

Then, there is Hatcher. If I need Hatcher, I don't waste my voice. All I have to do is turn on the vacuum cleaner. When that on-button is pushed & that low hum of the vacuum fills the air, Hatcher comes running! He runs in & will invariably ask, "Can I vacuum, Mom?!?! Please?!" When he is looking for something to do, he will ask if he can vacuum. When I can tell he needs something to keep him busy (& out from under my feet), I suggest the vacuum. When he visits his grandma's house, he spends time with her vacuum! And, he is GOOD at it! He not only vacuums the main areas, he uses the attachments & does all the corners & baseboards! May I remind you that he is only four years old!!!

So, a couple weekends back, I decided it was time to clean out & reorganize our food pantry. This is what it looked like while getting all the little crumbs out.........he just cracks me up. I guess we know what to get him as a wedding present someday.....

Friday, February 6, 2009

Mallory's Life Philosophy...

"Mom, all I need in the whole wide world is my family & God."

Mallory, 6 years old

As the black crayon type of girl, I certainly hope Mallory is still saying this in 20 years, or more like 30 or 40 years....it is the prayer of this Mom's heart.......it's wonderful the bits of wisdom & little reminders God sends us through the mouths of our children....we are blessed indeed.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Glimpses of MJ...

Melissa has been such a precious addition to our family. I cannot imagine it without her.....

I have been messing around with my camera some lately & thought I'd share some of my pictures of her.....it just never gets old taking pictures of my kids!

Super Heros...

Bergen's newest thing is creating super heros. It is quite interesting the ones he comes up with.......Ice Man, Volcano Man......wouldn't it be cool if we could suddenly reinvent ourselves into some cool super hero with a power of our choice? What would you choose???

Here are some pictures of Bergen sporting parts of some of the costumes he creates.......his mind is always going!!!

Tuesdays with Hatcher...

This year, we started a new thing with my school-aged kiddos. They get to go to 'school' on Tuesdays all day long. It's turned out to be a very cool program & both Bergen & Mallory enjoy it & are learning a lot.
That leaves me alone with only Hatcher & Melissa for an entire day. Many fun opportunities & conversations have come up because of this & I have to admit I love it! It's not that I love having my older kids gone from me, it's that I LOVE the one-on-one time I get with Hatcher. He is so smart & such a joy to do things with & talk with.....I think when the entire family is around & we are in the midst of our normal chaos, the true Hatcher can get lost in the mix.

Every Tuesday I try to have one special thing that only Hatcher & I can do together. This past week it was making a cake for the family to enjoy for dessert after dinner. He had a blast! He got to crack the eggs, lick the beaters & turn on the mixer (WAY too fast the first time & he sent flour flying!)......he & I both really enjoyed the time & I look forward to many more Tuesdays with Hatcher.

He even shared a couple licks with Melissa...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Now We are Six...

The End
By A.A. Milne
When I was One,
I had just begun.
When I was Two,
I was nearly new.
When I was Three,
I was hardly Me.
When I was Four,
I was not much more.
When I was Five,
I was just alive.
But now I am Six, I'm as clever as clever.
So I think I'll be six now for ever and ever.
Happy 6th Birthday, Mallory!!!
I can't believe you are a six year old young lady!
I love you!

More holes in her head....

A few weeks ago, Mallory heard of a younger friend of hers getting her ears pierced. Normally, this would not be monumental to Mallory, who many times has examined my earrings, telling me how pretty they are, & yet, not wanting to join the earring club because 'it hurts.' I am ok with that. I figured, when she was ready, she would let me know & DJ & I never set an age....we just figured we roll with it when it came up.

Well, it came up. Her carefully measured words were, "If she can do it, then I can do it." & that was it. Mallory's monumental decision (monumental for, at the time, an almost 6 year old, anyway.)
I let her sleep on it & figured a day or two would clear her mind & bring her back to her senses, but to no avail. She was very insistent, which is NOT a regular Mallory thing. So, DJ & I discussed & a day later, I took Mallory to get her ears pierced. All she says now is how glad she is that it's over....& that she "yuvs" her pretty earrings.

She got through it with only a few tears & I got through it taking many deep breaths to keep the tears away (yes, I realize I am a wimp....not for the physical part, I can handle blood any day, but the emotional, mommy-heart part). Afterwards, I got her a sundae with a generous amount of cherries & her pain was all but forgotten.....& now bring on the earrings!!!

A very stoic & serious Mallory is waiting for the big event....she even brought her polar bear with her to help...

Getting hear ears marked....

Waiting for the pain!

& then the tears.....

& her new sparkly earrings.....