What is being said....

"I need dessert for my blood sugar."

Mallory, 7 yrs.

Friday, September 10, 2010

And now...

Deep Thoughts, by Melissa Jack.... (in the voice of the Jack Handy guy)......

Me to Melissa: "What do you want for Christmas?"

Melissa: (putting her hand up to her face & whispering like it's a secret) "Um, candy....and um, um, RED shoes."


Melissa: "The sun went down, the 'erff' is spinning."


Melissa with a handful of dog treats & her breath smelling oddly like dog breath, "I keep eating them." (& crumbs on her face too)


Melissa: "Can we go ice skating for my 'birfday?'"


Melissa: "I love you mucho grande!" (riding with too-big helment upside down)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Their First Day....

It's that time of year again. September is here, Labor Day has gone, I'm behind on my summer blogging, and school is starting. Most of you know (& subsequently accuse me of being 'crazy') that I home school. Many days I question, "WHY?!?!" & most other days, I am thankful we still have the freedom in our country to educate our kids the way we think best. Our family makes this decision on a year-to-year basis & this year, once again, we are going to home school.

Other than home school (in the traditional sense of being schooled at home), my kids attend Options every week. Options is a great opportunity for them to get out & be in a "real" classroom with teachers & all (Gasp!!). We have been participating in this program a few years now & it's been such a blessing. They go one day a week for an entire day & have a blast! (& I get caught up on laundry & sometimes blogging!)

Yesterday was their first day of school at Options. It was Hatcher's first day EVER!!! He is such a little stud & wasn't sure at first about going, but when he got home, he was overflowing with chatter telling me all the cool things that happened to him throughout the day. Here is just a sliver of what they are all up to at Options & how they enjoyed their first day.

first day of school
Bergen is in 5th grade this year! His LAST year of elementary school in Colorado. That is such a CRAZY thought!!! He said his favorite classes this year at Options are Robotics & Electronics, Science & Drama. He is also taking Spanish & Art this year at Options.

first day of school
Mallory, my sweet girlie, is in 2nd grade this year & this is her first year not being just in one classroom all day. She is going from class to class throughout her day. At first, this made her a bit nervous, but she got it down & had no problems whatsoever. She said her favorite classes this year at Options are Drama & Violin. She is also taking Science, Art, Math Games & Creative Writing.

first day of school
And then we have Mr. Stud. He walks around with his hands in his pockets & an aura of "cool." He is just like his dad...he looks good & he knows it! Hatcher is in Kindergarten (sniff, sniff). He is in Mrs. Foster's class & aside from normal Kindergarten stuff, he is also doing Spanish at Options. His favorite things after his first day were lunch & recess! ha ha That is my boy!

first day of school
Yesterday, at the end of their first day, DJ picked them up. They were all talking on & on about all the stuff that happened on their first day....all their new classes, a couple of new teachers, some new friends, etc. Hatch was looking out the window as they drove home just talking away when he suddenly said, "I didn't pick my nose all day! When I get home, I'm going to go to my room & pick my nose!"
So ended their first day of school........