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Thursday, October 9, 2008

My wife….The Dumpster-Diving Queen

As many of you know, I am a rather quiet, reserved person (unless the Bronco’s are in the Super Bowl). I don’t like a lot of attention and avoid situations that will cause me embarrassment (Jynelle says I have a pride issue. I’m working on it). So the other day when Jynelle told me of her latest escapade, I could only thank the good Lord that I was not there to share it with her.

Jynelle was out for a walk with the younger kids, killing time while Bergen was at piano practice. Walking past a vacant lot, she noticed a dumpster with something shinny catching her eye. She walked over and climbed up on it (I’m not sure where the baby was and not sure I want to know). Well, she found this “really cool” mirror that was in “great” shape.

Jynelle takes the kids back to the Suburban and drives over to the dumpster. She dives right in and pulls out the mirror (“It wasn’t in the trash. It was above the rim.” as George Costanza once said). While digging around (you’re in there, you might as well look) she found another wall hanging that is ugly as the day is long, but she says she can paint it and make it look “really cool”. She loads everything into the truck, all the while, the neighbors next door are watching from their front yard.

When I got home and she told me about her find, all I could say was I’m glad I wasn’t there. I have to admit, the mirror was a good find, but I don’t think I would have dove into a dumpster to get it (at least during the daytime). They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, but you shouldn’t have to go dumpster diving for it. That’s what garage sales are for which is another thing I refuse to do. (Yes, I’m working on my pride).

Now, I’m not sure what kind of message this is sending our children. Is it being thrifty? Is it the fact we’re not too proud to fish treasure out of a dumpster (except for dad). Is it saying it’s ok to play on big, dangerous things that mom & dad would kill us for if we ever did it? All I know is I now have to hang a “really cool” mirror, somewhere in our house.


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reneepratt8 said...

Way to go, Jynelle. As my dad always says (and therefore quoted often at our house), "Poor people have Poor ways." But for us, when said, it usually has something to do with duct tape.

And DJ-I feel your pain.