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Mallory, 7 yrs.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dedicated to Hatch-Batch...

DJ & I had a "surprise" pregnancy when Mallory was just 9 months old. Although I did want more kids, I didn't want one THEN! I admit, I spent a lot of time crying over that one. Nine months later, along came our child that we flipped a coin to name......he was our third born child, second born son....& he has been "special" ever since.

Hatcher is quite the Jekyll & Hyde child....one minute he is the most loving, caring, sweet, cuddly child you will ever meet. You want nothing more than to sweep him up into your arms & shower him in kisses, although you will get complaints on the kisses. Then, BAM! He is suddenly a child that I don't think could ever have come out of me!! He is mad, fighting, angry & hard to intimidate with my parenting-powers. I have NO idea where this mixture finds it's root except "there is foolishness in the heart of a child." When moments like this arise, I have learned the best thing to do is send him to his room. When he acts angry & rebellious, it makes me angry & what good does it do for both of us to be there throwing a tantrum?

There is a third element to this small-statured 4 year old....an element that keeps me going when things are getting rough. He is a RIOT!!!! I have never had so many funny things coming out of one child's mouth to write down & share. It is this streak of humor that has inspired this blog.....it is this humor that gives me something to look forward to even when he is "terror-child." It is this streak of humor that I want to share with you now.....

Recently, while working on the letter "B," in our Phonics program, we were going over the sound "B" makes....."buh, buh, B!" Hatcher was picking up on this very quickly & I was very proud of him as any Mom would be. So, I put a challenge out there for Hatch...."Hatcher, who in our family has a name that starts with the "B" sound??" Me, of course, thinking, duh, this is easy...BERGEN!! But NO, Hatch excitedly looks up at me with his bigger than life, green eyes & exclaims, "Mom! I know! Balissa!!" How could you not crack up at that answer!?!? Hatch has called our baby Melissa Balissa since the very beginning, even though he says the "M" in Mallory perfectly. In fact, because of Hatch, MJ enjoys the nickname Balissa from quite a few of us.

When I am doing school with the older kids, I often am looking for things to keep Hatcher occupied. I gave him some school blocks to play with & he built a robot he was very excited to share with me. The conversation was this, "Mom, see my robot? Here is his head, his arm, another arm.....this side he has two legs & here is his other leg & here is his pen**........." Yep folks, you guessed it, his robot was a BOY!!! Where does he get this stuff???

THEN, "Mom, look!" I made my name!"

See, so with stuff like this, how can I stay mad at him too long? It is thinking of these things when the going gets tough that keeps me laughing & willing to let him back out of his room.......so Hatch-Batch, as you have recently informed me you want to be called, I love you with my WHOLE heart & even though I cried when I found out you were in my tummy, & some days I still cry when you are being "terror-child," I wouldn't trade you for anything....

Love, Mom

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