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"I need dessert for my blood sugar."

Mallory, 7 yrs.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ohmi's Birthday...

So, since my parents have moved to Greeley, the tradition has been when either of them has a birthday, they take us out to Chuck E. Cheese. Yes, THEY, the ones with the birthday, take US out. I know....it's a bit mixed up. How grand to be grandparents!!

This year, Ohmi had her birthday & Melissa talked all day about going to Chuck E. Cheese. She was SO excited! & then she got there. Apparently a giant mouse freaks her out.....go figure. So, for the first part of the evening while the other kids were using their gazillion tokens (courtesy of the birthday girl's husband), MelissaJack sat. She would not budge. After some convincing & lots of eye-hiding (because you know, if she can't see you, you must not be there), she loosened up & had lots of fun!!! That is until Bergen demonstrated one of his prizes...a giant cockroach that moves down the wall......man, did Melissa freak over that one too!!!

All in all, it was fun for everyone....

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