What is being said....

"I need dessert for my blood sugar."

Mallory, 7 yrs.

Friday, February 26, 2010


Any excuse to indulge, right? I made this cake for my Mom's birthday & just had to share....to make you all extremely jealous!! It was very rich & yummy. I have to give credit to Amanda of www.kevinandamanda.com for the recipe. If you love peanut butter cups, this recipe is for you!!!





I would tell you I wish you had been here......but then I would have had to have a smaller piece!

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Renee said...

Even though I wasn't there, I am glad I somehow found a way to have a bit of this taste of heaven. Yum, yum. You can make this for me anytime :).

Oh, and the pics are amazing. Nice job. You need to give me a little photo class on how to use our camera for a dummy like me.