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"I need dessert for my blood sugar."

Mallory, 7 yrs.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This isn't Kansas, you know!

This June in Colorado has been wild & crazy!   Lots of thunderstorms & rain...& a couple tornado warnings.  Last week, we had one of those warnings.  Bergen heard it on the radio.   He immediately gathered all the kiddos & the dog & went to the basement.   I was upstairs & suddenly they were gone.  He'd be a great Boy Scout.  

He had also grabbed his 'special' things & stuffed them into his pillowcase.  I was curious what he would have grabbed.  I wonder what I would have grabbed. 

He had his 'animals,' his library books (don't want those to get damaged!), his pillow, his Snoopy bag & his dictionary.  His dictionary!?   I asked him about not having his Bible....."I forgot," was his response.    I wonder if that would have been something I would have forgot also?

What would you have grabbed?


reneepratt8 said...

It's a good idea that you are protecting those library books. You know how picky those High Plains Library people are???? Seriously, if you get a drop of water on them and you can't even see it, you have to buy it. The library has become a bookstore for me. You must bring the books back in pristine condition. (Do you sense a little hostility in me??)

I would take my scrapbooks, but I have too many and they are heavy!!! I have made my family promise if there is a fire, they are required to grab a scrapbook before saving themselves. It's just that important!

Sun said...

pictures, my guitar, my camera, my Bible, oh and my KIDS.
ha ha.