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Sunday, August 1, 2010

MJ & a Harley....

Some of you know that MJ is a little quirky. Actually, "quirky" may be an understatement. Unique? Neurotic? How about different? No matter how you describe it, when it all comes down to it, she is just MelissaJack....meaning, you can't explain anything away, so don't bother trying!!

MelissaJack has a very interesting aversion to vehicles.......especially those that make noise. When she hears a train whistle, she actually puts her feet up so the train can't get her toes (inside the house, mind you.). I try explaining that we don't have train tracks in our house, so the train can't come inside, but she still insists she needs to be afraid & she is vigilant to anything making noise that moves. When we are in a parking lot, she INSISTS on being carried......when she hears a helicopter, she practically takes cover. I have NO clue where this all originated. Sometimes it's cute.....you know, looking at a cute 2 year old with silly notions, knowing you will one day miss the cuteness of it all when they know better......but other times it's just plain annoying!!! (when hands are full & she is FREAKING out because she wants to be held AT THAT MOMENT because something OUTSIDE is making noise!!!)

So, when we met some family at a campground for some hanging out & Uncle Dave had his new Harley there, I wondered what she was going to think about that when he started it up. Harleys are not known for being subtle.....isn't that why we like them? Uncle Dave graciously took all the kids on their own ride around the loop of the campground. I kept asking MJ if she wanted a ride. "No," was her response. Once she realized though, that her ride would be WITH me......she suddenly agreed to try.

As we got going, she says, "This is scary" & her thighs were tight on my legs & her fingers were digging into my arm. As we reached the other side of the loop, she says, "This is fun!" & she waves to everyone who will look at her with a HUGE grin on her face. I think I see a Harley in her future......

Thank you, Uncle Dave!!!


Oh, & before you yell at me for no helmets, Colorado does not have a helmet law & we were in a campground with a very LOW speed limit.......so there.

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Sun said...

love this picture.. :) i didn't even notice you didn't have helmets on BUT, i did notice that you look totally fashionable on the back of that ride ..