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Mallory, 7 yrs.

Monday, July 19, 2010


In our family & in our faith, we don't baptise babies. They don't get sprinkled or dunked. Once they are older, they may choose to be dunked, but that is their personal decision. We have what we call a dedication. Sometimes people refer to them as "Baby Dedications," although I'm not real sure why. You really aren't dedicating the baby to the Lord, but the parents & how they raise that baby to the Lord. I mean , let's face it, we parents need all the help we can get.
So, we do this dedication ceremony......we ask friends & family to come & we gather & pray over the raising of the child & the congregation publicly agrees to stand with DJ & I as we raise our child.
We recently did this with our fourth & final Jacobsen, MelissaJack. Her being the last, really made it emotional for me (that, & I'm a girl). It's at times overwhelming to me the task we have with each one of our kids....trying to be good examples, trying to be true & authentic with them while doing our best to guide them down the right path. It's humbling to say the least & some days I wish I could go back to bed & start all over.
DJ & I are truly blessed with these four beautiful, healthy kids. Never in a million years did I think almost 12 years ago when we exchanged vows that we would now be looking at these four God-given children & making almost all of our decisions, big & little, based on their existence. Of course, even though you may not have attended any one of our dedications, we'd LOVE to know we have friends & family out there praying for DJ & I as we raise these kids to love & follow Christ. We'd love to hear your cheering in the background as we continue this race of parenthood.
Here is the page I made for MJ's dedication. She was absolutely adorable in that white dress (if I may say so myself) & she was very earnest during the dedication prayer. Miss Helen from church joined our family & held MJ's hand & that meant a lot to me. The picture of her on the stairs has the verse DJ & I picked for MelissaJack....& the one of her so cute with her name & age on it was displayed during the ceremony. I could not have asked for a more beautiful & spunky fourth & final child (& VERY ornery).....did I mention that we are BLESSED??


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