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"I need dessert for my blood sugar."

Mallory, 7 yrs.

Saturday, January 24, 2015


I read about these appetisers a couple of weeks ago and finally had an opportunity to make them last weekend.  ABTs, otherwise known as Atomic Buffalo Turds, are souped up jalapeno poppers.  These things are so good, they'll be the hit of the party (better than RingDings and Pepsi).  The nice thing about ABTs is you can fill them with whatever you are in the mood for, or for whatever the theme of the party is (if you go to those fancy type of parties)

Start with whole jalapeno peppers and cut them in half, top to bottom.  Rinse out all of the ribs and seeds to keep the heat down.  Pro Tip: wear food safe latex gloves or be prepared to face the consequences.

Next, soak the peppers in Sprite or similar soda for several hours to soak out more of the heat.  I used Clear Cherry Limeade water for 3.5 hours, but you can even soak them overnight if you want.

Make your filling.  Start with one block of softened Cream or Neufchatel Cheese (right next to the Cream Cheese in the dairy case).  Brown one pound of breakfast sausage, drain.  Add about 3/4 of the sausage to the cheese (or add it all if your Cardiologist says it's ok).  Finally add about 1 cup of Colby Jack cheese and mix together.

Fill each jalapeno pepper half with as much filling as it can hold.

Finally, take one pound of cheap/thin bacon and cut it in half.  Wrap each pepper with half a slice of bacon.  The bacon should stick to itself and make a nice little wrapper.

Into the smoker directly on the rack at 225* for 2.5 to 3 hours.  I used cherry wood since I used cherry limeade water.   The result:

I put them in a pre-warmed 9x13 and covered in foil.  I transported them in a cooler filled w/ a blanket and they stayed warm for a couple of hours until we ate them.  They were a big hit by all that had them.  Even the kids enjoyed them, which is saying something because Mallory is so particular about her food.  Nobody complained of any spicyness.

Obviously you can change these up to however you like. 

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