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"I need dessert for my blood sugar."

Mallory, 7 yrs.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Our latest addition...

Most of you may think that 4 kids, a dog & a bearded dragon make a pretty full house.....but that didn't stop us from adding just one more Jacobsen to the mix!
Introducing Sally!!!



Sally, named after Sally on Peanuts, came to us a month or so ago & now we can't remember life without her running around our house. She & Lucy are buddies & all the kids love & dote on her daily. We are very thankful for her & her sweetness, as well as her good behavior (minus the box of dots candy, but that is another story).
Welcome Sally!!!


1 comment:

tammy said...

Sally seems like a sweetheart :) And I didn't even know you had a bearded dragon!