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Monday, November 17, 2008

America, Land of Opportunity

Bergen, my oldest child, has rebelled against writing of any kind. I have tried journals, creative writing, etc. He just hates it. He doesn't have a problem expressing himself, it's the physical writing part that is his drudgery.

Until now.

We recently started the kids in the "Greeley Options" group which is a free home school group where they go to class once a week. It has been awesome! One of Bergen's classes is Creative Writing. Today he asked me if he could read me his story that he wrote for tomorrow's class. As he read, he kept going & going & going....I mean, it was LONG!! He also put humor into the story & as he was reading it, he'd say, "here comes a funny part, Mom." Very cool. It's nice to see him growing & stepping out of his comfort zone. He will be reading this in front of his class also....(there is one spelling mistake that he reads correctly & for that,I am thankful since I am letting his teacher correct his work)

Here is what he wrote: (uncorrected by Mom)

America, Land of Opportunity
By Bergen, 8 years old

There is lots of freedom in the United States of America. Like the freedom to choose what jobs we want like a policeman or fireman or spaceman or docter. Another is what education we want like home school or pubic school. Another freedom is press so you can write any story you want.

Another freedom is worship you can worship any time you want just not at bedtime when your parents are asleep.

Another freedom is speech you can say anything you want just not bad words and bad names.

There are other things to like the freedom to be nice or the freedom to make stuff for your brothers and sisters.

But that is only a little bit of the freedom in the United States of America cause I said there was a lot.

(Here he drew a picture of the flag)

So, as a Mom, I am thankful for our freedoms also, but as DJ once told the kids, "Freedom isn't free."

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